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Class HyperPictureTypes
This Class have 2 main functions
1 : CreateHPTFile :
• This Function can create new properties into a picture
• It have 4 parameters :
a) MapImage : This parameter get a ImageSource for save it in end of Picture File.
b) AddrCamera : This parameter get an Address Photo of camera own.
c) AddrPhotographer : This parameter get and Address Photo of Photographer own.
d) HyperProperty : This Parameter get a Class_HyperProperty that it is all new properties for save into a picture
2 : GetHPTFile :
• This Function get all new properties a picture and return they into a Class_HyperProperty .
• It have 1 parameter for get image address .

Other Sub main functions :
• ByteArray2Image : For Convert a Byte Array to Bitmap image.
• StrToByteArray : For Convert a String to Byte Array.
• ImageSourceToByte : For Convert an ImageSource to Byte Array.
• CreatePropertyItem : For Create a PropertyItem into Picture File.
• GetImageFormat : For Get Type A File .

Linq Classes :
1. Class_ListFiles : For Create a List of FileNames and FileThumbnails All selected Files .
2. ClassData_Bookmark : For get a Bookmark with all Properties a Bookmark.
3. Class_MapIcons : get a List of all map icons in AppDir/Map Bookmark Icons directory
4. Class_HyperProperty : Main Linq Class in application for store all new properties a picture and use for show or write in a picture.

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