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Hyper Picture Types

We had problem with our pictures that where the pictures taken or who are in the picture or who took the picture?
Of course , in new Exif property you can store Latitude,Longitude,… but if you don’t have access to internet they are unavailable. Because you can’t see the Location map.
In many sites or picture types you can store any Bookmarks in your picture but they don’t have Crop of current photo or another photo property for your bookmarks. Also bookmarks don’t save in your photo.
Why we can’t store photographer’s picture or description in picture’s details?

What Hyper Pictures Types?

Hyper Picture Types is a new version of ( jpeg , jpg and tiff ) tag file and you can store new details into your pictures.
What added details are into Hyper Pictures Types?
• In Hyper property you can store Picture’s Location Map with map Zooming and map type (as Google map or Bing map or Yahoo map and …) too.
• You can store any bookmarks into your pictures with Crop your photo or another photos and Comment ability for every bookmarks.
• Photographers can store thier description and thier pictures into the picture.
• Camera can store camera’s picture too.
• Many people don’t use picture’s Comment property but in Hyper Viewer people use Comment property, much more.
• You don’t need to change repeat properties one by one and you can change repeat properties any pictures with Hyper Picture Types Edit Group , in one time .
But the picture types are not ( jpg or jpeg or tiff ) then what we must do ?
Nothing , because Hyper Pictures Types Viewer takes a copy of your file with new jpeg format automatically and then you can store new details into your picture .

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